Travel Grants

Headshot photo We are aware of the fact that PhD students have limited disposable income. For this reason, we do not charge any conference fees. The Faculty of Economics provides all participants with lunches and coffee breaks during the conferences. In addition, each year Unicredit Foundation from Milan, Italy provides partial travel cost reimbursement. Since these funds are limited, a decision on reimbursement is competitive. As a rule, only PhD students are eligible for this source of aid.

In order to get reimbursed, selected participants need to be present at the conference on both days. In addition, they need to submit their travel cost receipts to the UniCredit Foundation directly. The reimbursement up to the amount determined by the travel grant decision will be made directly by the Foundation. For more details contact Ms Annalisa Aleati, Scientific Director of the UniCredit Foundation. She can be contacted via email at