Conference Program in 2019

Each paper is allocated up to 1 hour. Of that, up to 35 minutes is given to the presenter, up to 20 minutes to the discussant and the rest is allocated for general discussion.

Please make sure to send to us by May 25th the final version of the paper. We will forward it at that point to the corresponding discussant.

Please make sure to email us your presentation by June 21, 2019 at 3PM CET. We prefer to have them all ahead of time, to avoid potential difficulties later on. Presentation should be in PDF or Powerpoint format (you can send us both, just in case). The presentations will be on our computer.

We have organized lunch for presenters and discussants on both days of the Conference, at the Cafeteria on the 7th Floor of our building. Please let us know about some important dietary restrictions or if you cannot come on each of the days.

Some partner hotels offer discounts for the BYEC 2019 participants. This information will be provided in separate email. Obviously, you are welcome not to use these hotels and choose the one that suits you the best.